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At Big Options, we track and analyze unusual options activity in the markets as a way to follow 'smart money' in real time. As your go-to source for options information, Big Options provides real-time unusual options activity alerts and analysis and tracks the trades through expiration so you'll know when the positions are opened and closed.

Unusual activity in the options markets is often a leading indicator for stock movement, and by monitoring this activity we become better and more informed traders. Whether you're an equities or an options trader, understanding option flow in the markets is an essential tool for any trader.

Big Options offers daily unusual option activity reports and analysis, weekly trade updates, trading plan support, trade flashbacks, and live unusual options activity alerts from @BigOptions on Twitter, Stocktwits, and Scutify. Sign up today to get the most up-to-date information on the options markets!

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How to Use BigOptions
An explanation of how articles are presented and the abbreviations used.

Unusual Options Activity Guidelines
Things to consider when following unusual options activity.

Options Basics
A brief overview of options terms and actions.

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